Server Side Pagination in MEAN Stack (MySQL, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS)

Posted at: May 20, 2020 2:26 PM

Server side pagination in MEAN Stack tutorial. This is an example of implement server side pagination in Angular 9, Node Js with MySQL

Need to see previous lesson MEAN Stack Tutorial with CRUD Operations for more details.

Working in Node.js API



Angular Side Work

Install ngx-pagination library in your Angular application for pagination.


import NgxPaginationModule in product.module.ts

Product Service

Edit file src/app/product/services/product.service.ts and replace method getProducts.


Complete code of product.service.ts

Product List Component

Edit src/app/product/product-list/product-list.component.ts for add below variables.

And one method getPage(). This method call on click page no.

Complete code of product-list.component.ts


In this tutorial we have learnt server side pagination in Angular 9 with Node.Js and MySQL with the help of an example.

This lesson also available on YouTube
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