CRUD #1 Admin can View Blog List - Angular 6 / Angular 7

Posted at: December 15, 2018 6:10 PM

Blog Model

Create a Blog class in its own file in the src/app/models folder.

Define field in Blog class

Blog Service

Create blog service in services folder.

Import Blog, HttpClient, HttpErrorResponse, throwError, catchError into src/app/services/blog.service.ts

Service file src/app/services/blog.service.ts

Update AuthInterceptor

Open AuthInterceptor file src/app/http-interceptors/auth-interceptor.ts and replace this code { Authorization: `Bearer ${authToken}` } to { Authorization: authToken }

Manage Blog Component

Import BlogService and Blog into src/app/admin/manage-blogs/manage-blogs.component.ts

Open component html file src/app/admin/manage-blogs/manage-blogs.component.html

Update in API

Open Api controller and create method adminBlogs for blog listing.

Get header and match token for authorized user.

Open model file Api_model and create methods get_admin_blogs and checkToken

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CRUDLoginLogouttokenWeb APIAuthenticationGuardInterceptors

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Angular Project Login - username: admin and password: admin

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